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Augmented Reality

People in production work with equipment. They need to see the information about an equipment, observe the technological process and share it with colleagues connected remotely, while having their hands free. We came up with the idea of ​​voice-activated AR glasses attached to a worker's helmet. During the remote consultation, all the necessary information is displayed on the  screen of AR glasses, and workers can receive assistance in solving a particular problem as quickly as possible, without interrupting their work.


The service allows to involve experts from anywhere in the world without any delays and violations of an information security of the enterprise. In case one's dealing with a sophisticated and highly specialized equipment,  the AR complex completely eliminates the need to organize business trips and field consultations, while ensuring compliance with quarantine restrictions.


Introduction of the augmented reality complex at SIBUR's enterprises significantly reduced the cost of attracting third-party expertise to factories, as well as the need for business trips for our own employees. During the period of strict quarantine restrictions (COVID-related), the tool allowed us to operate in a non-stop regime and carry out equipment repairs with a remote connection of experts. 


AR platform

In 2020, the AR platform help SIBUR to save more than 20 million rubles

  • More than 700 sessions during the period of quarantine restrictions


  • AR glasses are equipped with a video camera and a microdisplay

  • They are attached to a helmet and are controlled by voice, because workers need to have their hands free to work with equipment during consultations

  • Our AR glasses are explosion-, dust- and water-proof. They can be used in gas-hazardous environments

  • The video conferencing system works in any browser and on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Identification is carried out by a phone number

  • Media content of the AR platform includes a virtual pointer, chat, signal stickers and screen sharing

  • AR complex makes it easy to connect with consultants from anywhere in the world without distracting from work


The AR complex is implemented at all SIBUR enterprises